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1. Collaborate with neighboring cities and major employers to bring new transit options to Cupertino to move more people in and out and through our city, while working with Valley Transit Authority (VTA) for a fair share of resources for regional transit solutions

2. Create safe walking trails and bikeways throughout the city to encourage walking and biking

3. Collaborate with local school districts to provide safe, organized, and convenient carpool systems, such as the Pilot PogoRides Program currently underway at Cupertino High School, to provide safe, on-demand shared rides for students while reducing local traffic



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1. Establish senior living spaces at locations close to transportation, restaurants, shopping, and parks in parcels along Stevens Creek Blvd.

2. Advocate for moderate-income housing for teachers and public employees to live in Cupertino

3. Build housing close to offices to attract people who work in Cupertino to live, eat, shop, and enjoy Cupertino

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1. Ensure new developments provide community benefits for school funding

2. Create programs in partnership with Cupertino Library and local school districts to offer exciting and innovative learning opportunities for students ranging from performing arts to maker/incubator/entrepreneur training

3. Collaborate with Cupertino Library Foundation to create more community meeting space, including rooms for teens and civic groups serving Cupertino, as well as implementing a PogoRides ride-sharing or similar program to alleviate Library parking issues

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1. Continue the collaborative work with Silicon Valley Clean Energy in providing our residents and businesses with new clean energy choices

2. Monitor to ensure that Lehigh Southwest Cement Plant is in compliance with laws such as the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, and relevant environmental regulations.

3. Work with Bay Area Air Quality Management District to advocate and model policies that reduce sources of air pollution