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Endorsed by

Elected Officials

  • Aileen C. Kao, Former Saratoga Mayor

  • Anita Herrmann, Board Member of Sunnyvale School District

  • Anjali Kausar, Board Member of Cupertino Union School District

  • Anna Eshoo, Congresswoman

  • Barbara Nunes, Board Member of Fremont Union High School District

  • Barry Chang, Cupertino City Council and Former Cupertino Mayor

  • Ben Liao, Former Board Member of Cupertino Union School District

  • Betsy Bechtel, Former Board Member of Foothill-De Anza Community College District

  • Bill Wilson, President and Board Member of Fremont Union High School District

  • Bruce Swanson, Board Member of Foothill-De Anza Community College District

  • Chappie Jones, District 1, San Jose City Council Member

  • Cynthia Chang, Board Member of Saratoga-Los Gatos High School District

  • Dolly Sandoval, Former Cupertino Mayor

  • Emily Lee Kelley, Former Cupertino union School District Board Member

  • Emily Lo, Saratoga Council Member and Former Saratoga Mayor

  • Evan Low, Assemblymember, 28th District - San Jose/Silicon Valley

  • Gary McCue, Former Cupertino Union School District Board Member

  • Gilbert Wong, Board Member of Foothill-De Anza Community College District, Former Cupertino Mayor

  • Homer Tong, Former Board Member of Fremont Union High School District

  • Hsing Kung, Former Board Member of Fremont Union High School District

  • Jeff Moe, Board Member of Fremont Union High School District

  • Jim Jackson, Former Cupertino Mayor

  • Jo Lucey, Former Board Member of Cupertino Union School District

  • Jodi Muirhead, Board Member of Santa Clara Unified School District

  • John Gatto, Former Cupertino Mayor

  • Jose Esteves, Former Milpitas Mayor

  • Kansen Chu, California State Assemblyman

  • Katherine Tseng, Board Member of Los Gatos-Saratoga High School District

  • Kris Wang, Former Cupertino Mayor

  • Kristen Lyn, Board Member of Cupertino Union School District

  • Laura Casas Frier, Board Member of Foothill-De Anza Community College District

  • Laurie Smith, Sheriff of Santa Clara County

  • Lenny Siegel, Mountain View City Mayor

  • Lily Mei, Fremont City Mayor

  • Mary-Lynne Bernald, Saratoga City Mayor and Council Member

  • Michael Chang, Former Board Member of Santa Clara County Board of Education and Former Cupertino Mayor

  • Nai Hsueh, Director, District 5, Santa Clara Valley Water District

  • Nancy Newkirk, Board Member of Sunnyvale School District

  • Nancy Newton, Former Board Member of Fremont Union High School District

  • Nancy Smith, Sunnyvale City Council Member

  • Orrin Mahoney, Former Cupertino Mayor

  • Paul Fong, Former State Assemblymember, 28th District

  • Pearl Cheng, Board Member of Foothill-De Anza Community College District

  • Peter Landsberger, Board Member of Foothill-De Anza Community College District

  • Phyllis Vogel, Board Member of Cupertino Union School District

  • Reid Myers, President and Board Member of Sunnyvale School District

  • Richard Lowenthal, Former Cupertino Mayor

  • Rod Sinks, Cupertino City Council and Former Cupertino Mayor

  • Roy Rocklin, Board Member of Fremont Union High School District

  • Savita Vaidhyanathan, Cupertino City Council and Former Cupertino Mayor

  • Soma McCandless, Board Member of Cupertino Union School District

  • Tara Martin-Milius, Former Sunnyvale City Vice Mayor

  • Yang Shao, Board Member of Fremont Unified School District


Community Leaders, Members, Volunteers

  • Kathy and Bud Barclay

  • Kelly Cheuk

  • Kiran Varshneya Rohra

  • Lani and Robert Mah

  • Laurie and Larry Dean

  • Limay and Geoff Flavell

  • Lisa Wang

  • Liz Gallegos and Joe Glynn

  • Louise Wong

  • Loy Oppus-Moe

  • Marcia Kearns

  • Margaret Laycock and John Stubblebine

  • Maria and Mitch Segal

  • Marj Mancuso

  • Marty Miller

  • Mei and Simon Teng

  • Michelle Hu

  • Myoung Kang and Ian Oglesby

  • Nancy and Chuck Harper

  • Nina Wong-Dobkin

  • Nora Chuang and Henry Sang

  • Pamela and Wendell Stephens

  • Pat and Bob Adams

  • Patrick Ahrens

  • Paula and Harry Bettencourt

  • PeiPei and Jose Yow

  • Peter Heller

  • Pinglan Lee

  • Ram Gopal

  • Rebecca and Bob Harrison

  • Richard Hemmerling

  • Rick Kitson

  • Rick Sung, Undersheriff of Santa Clara County

  • Ron Sykora

  • Rose Ann Woolpert

  • Sabrina and Anthony Rizk

  • Sandi and Vince Grelli

  • Sharon and Jim Walker

  • Shiao Jy Hsieh

  • Simon Ho

  • Stanley Huey-Feng Kou

  • Steve Onishi

  • Sue Chang

  • Suejane and K.Y. Han

  • Sunil Nethisinghe

  • Susan and Henry Buffalow

  • Susan and Shannon Lee

  • Tarun Galagali

  • Teresa Erdman and Bill Heller

  • Theresa Horng

  • Thomas Deng

  • Tom Scannell

  • Tracy Chen

  • Tracy Hsu

  • Vardy Shtein

  • Vicky Chu

  • Vicky Tsai

  • Victoria and Rafael Gomez

  • Vivian Wang

  • Albert Wang

  • Alison Coy

  • Alysa Sakkas

  • Angela Sibley and James LaBonte

  • Ann and Joe Cleaver

  • Annie Ho

  • April Scott, Retired Principal of Monta Vista High School

  • Barbara and Gary Jones

  • Barbara McArthur

  • Ben Picard, Superintendent of Sunnyvale School District

  • Benaifer Dastoor

  • Bev and Phil Lenihan

  • Bonnie and David Stearns

  • Britta Sinks

  • Carolyn Mahoney

  • Catherine (Cat) and Michael Liu

  • Catherine Alexander

  • Cathy and Chris Gatley

  • Cathy Tam

  • Cathy Yu

  • Cec and Harvey Barnett

  • Char and Dan Marshall

  • Chi Yeh

  • Chia-Hsin Lan and Ye-Ming Wu

  • Chris Zhang

  • Cindy and Allen Hsu

  • Daisy Chu

  • David Fung

  • David Greenstein

  • Diana Ding

  • Don Sun

  • Donna and Scot Austin

  • Dorothy and Darryl Stow

  • Doug Carothers

  • Eileen Peng

  • Elizabeth “Liz” Gallegos and Joe Glynn

  • Ellen Lowenthal

  • Ellen Moss and Frank Tsui

  • Frank Geefay

  • Gary and Susan Latshaw

  • Gauri and Hari Guleria

  • Geoff Paulsen

  • Helene and Jim Davis

  • Hemant Buch

  • Janet Riddell

  • Jayne Ham

  • Jeanne Bradford

  • Jeannie and Steve Ting

  • Jian He and Alex Verstak

  • Joan and Craig Cummings

  • Joan and Tom Dyer

  • Joe Hamilton, Retired Superintendent of Fremont Union High School District

  • John Hirokawa, Retired Santa Clara County Undersheriff

  • Joyce Yee

  • Judy and John Bruzus

  • Judy Wilson

  • Julian Gill

  • Kathee and Bob Kraker

  • Kathi Hamilton

Testimonials in Support of Hung

After 11 distinguished years on the FUHSD Board, Hung will deliver housing solutions for teachers. That’s essential to keeping our schools strong.
— Jason Heskett, President, FEA, Representing Fremont Union High School District Teachers
Hung understands the needs of those who have come to Cupertino for economic and educational opportunity. She will help our small businesses thrive.
— Sunil Nethisignhe, CEO, Tri-Cluster Consulting
Hung’s can-do attitude, tenacity and ability to work with others to find common ground make her a standout candidate for Cupertino Council.
— Evan Low, California State Assemblymember
I have seen Hung fight for all students as a member of the FUHSD board, and I know we can trust her to fight for all Cupertino residents as a member of the City Council.
— Bill Wilson, President and Board Member, Fremont Union High School District
When I experienced a very tough time, Hung was a great mentor to me. She listened carefully, asked questions, and provided gentle guidance. Due to her experience, thoughtfulness, and integrity, I knew she was someone I could trust. Hung Wei will bring deep knowledge of our schools plus her renowned (and much needed) can-do, collaborative, never-give-up leadership to City Council.
— Soma McCandless, President and Board Member, Cupertino Union School District
Cupertino will benefit from Hung’s passions for cleaner air and better bikeways, making it easier, safer, and more fun to get around town.
— Shiloh Ballard, Chair, SCC League of Conservation Voters
With her superior collaboration and communication skills, Hung will become Cupertino’s next regional leader, moving forward real transportation alternatives.
— Rod Sinks, Cupertino Vice Mayor
We need leaders like Hung who prioritize providing well-rounded community infrastructure.
— Julian Gill
It was my great privilege to serve with Hung Wei on the FUHSD Board of Trustees for 10 years. I always found her to be a collaborative leader who studied the issues and sought to understand the perspectives of community members. She has a passion for public education, our city and community. She will work to bring people together and work tirelessly to represent all the citizens of Cupertino.

I know that Hung’s experience and many talents will serve our city well. I am proud to endorse her as a candidate for the Cupertino City Council.
— Nancy Newton, Former Governing Board Member (1987-2016), Fremont Union High School District
As a fellow board member, I have admired Hung’s ability to focus on the well being of our students and staff during our deliberations and decisions. I know she will do the same for the Cupertino community as a council member.
— Barbara Nunes, Board Member, Fremont Union High School District
Hung is a strong leader who gets the job done. Her success is the result of listening well to all perspectives and bringing people together. Hung has a proven track record and is committed to making our community a great place to live.
— Jeff Moe, Board Member, Fremont Union HIgh School District
I have known Hung nearly 30 years. I first met her when our children were at Lincoln Elementary. There she became involved in the activities of her school age children. This was only the start of many years of dedication to do whatever she could to help our Cupertino Schools, and then to the Fremont Union High School District. She actively supported improvement in education, and fundraising for better education. Her passion for the students showed when she was the founder of Verdadera a publication for the MVHS students, written by the students who can truthfully discuss the real issues they face in their lives. It was only natural for her to evolve her dedication to service throughout the Cupertino Community. She has deep concerns for our diverse population with its issues for families, working people, seniors and many others. Hung is an extremely well informed about Cupertino issues. Importantly she is an excellent communicator who has shown she can bridge the gap between all Cupertino so we can all work to live together. She gets it!
— Kathy Barclay, 30+ years Cupertino resident
Hung’s wisdom, courage, and, passion, made her extremely qualified for the job!
— Kansen Chu, California State Assemblyman
As a Cupertino resident for nearly 40 years and a mother of four adult children who all grew up here, I strongly believe in Hung’s ability to lead and serve our city. She is beyond capable, exudes extraordinary enthusiasm and is the right person to shape Cupertino into Silicon Valley’s premiere city.
— Pinglan Lee, 40-year Cupertino resident
Honesty, integrity and fairness- you can trust Hung to make Cupertino a better place for everyone!
— Sharon and Jim Walker
I know Hung Wei for more than 10 years. Hung has been an outstanding leader with skills and qualities, she is fully committed to our community and full of passion, Hung has set a good example of positive attitude and selfless that inspired me and others. She is a friendly communicator with honesty and integrity that you can always trust and rely on. I believe her will become the main-power of moving Cupertino forward with innovative and positive future visions.
— Diana WP Ding, Founder & CEO of Ding Ding TV
I am proud to support Hung Wei for City Council. I have known Hung Wei for 25 years. We met at our children’s elementary school, Lincoln Elementary. I have never met someone more involved in and dedicated to their community. From her support of various volunteer committees to her fundraiser work for the Rotary Club and Fremont Union High Schools Foundation, I have seen firsthand how she works tirelessly to help improve the lives of others through her hard work, experience, inclusiveness, and love of her community. Hung’s strong interpersonal and listening skills, integrity and dedication will be a huge asset to the City Council. She has the ability to understand the issues facing Cupertino, a city she cares deeply about, and will be a voice for all the residents. I look forward to casting my vote for Hung Wei for Cupertino City Council.
— Sandi Grelli, Cupertino resident 30+ years
Hung Wei is an incredible leader and force in our community. I had the pleasure of being on the founding staff of Verdadera with her as the lead advisor. Verdadera is a publication that gives teenagers a forum to anonymously publish their ideas on difficult topics that young people deal with. It was a groundbreaking idea at the time, it opened up dialogue on issues many of our peers didn’t feel comfortable approaching with their family or friends. This is a shining example of the type of person Hung is: thoughtful, caring, not patronizing, and unafraid to tackle difficult issues. It’s hard to overstate how fortunate the Cupertino community would be to have her as a leader.
— Chris Moe, Monta Vista High School Class of 2007
Hung has dedicated her life to service for the right reasons. There are few people more qualified and more concerned to the well being of citizens as Hung. She has the intellect and the heart to help Cupertino live up to its potential.
— Tarun Galagali, Monta Vista High School Class of 2009
Hung deserves our trust and our vote. Her sustained involvement with FUHSD Board, FUHS Foundation, our Youth and Community, and the Rotary Club is just exemplary. She will bring transparency and inclusion in the decision-making process and spend limitless amount of her own time to problem-solve. We are fortunate to have her on the City Council because she LOVES Cupertino, in words and deeds.
— Homer Tong, Former Governing Board Member, Fremont Union High School District
Hung has been serving the community for years tirelessly. She will bring the perspective from Senior and Youth which are important elements for our community.
— Kristen Lyn, Governing Board Member Cupertino Union School District